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Compare TVs with Facioo

The old idiot box has come a long way since 1925. It’s not an idiot anymore; it’s smart. Today, the market is filled with smart TVs that could basically do anything you want. Display pictures in UHD, connect to Wi-Fi, play your favourite shows on Netflix, and look stunningly beautiful – all at the same time. Televisions have become such an essential part of our daily lives that it’s hard imagining life without it.

Best TVs Online in India

Facioo features all types of TVs including smart and curved, with UHD display, full HD, regular LEDs and many more. All these products are from top brands like Sony, Samsung, Videocon, Lloyd, Sansui, LG, Panasonic, and Phillips. Only the best for your entertainment needs, right?

A question that you may have is why buy a TV if you have a laptop/mobile? Well, mobiles and laptops/desktops are good but few things demand to be experienced on a bigger screen. You wouldn’t want to watch your favourite movie on a ‘meh’ screen, would you? Not if you have a screen with UHD curved display, sitting in the living room, that’s for sure. And Facioo can help you find it.

Facioo features the best TVs, which have redefined our watching experience. Modern televisions have an astounding picture quality. Add to that fantastic sound quality, Wi-Fi connectivity, the ability to watch Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hotstar, Hulu or any other online television network, screen mirroring and a ton of other features. That is why it makes sense to invest time in buying a TV for your home.

With Facioo you can compare specifications of televisions from different brands and go for the one that you actually like. Not a fan of curved display? Or looking for a UHD TV that’s easy on the pocket? Facioo brings you a wide range of technologically advanced yet pocket-friendly products. And if your favourite TV is going beyond your price range, Facioo can help you find the best price available on major Indian e-commerce websites, so you don’t have to compromise.

Just log on and redefine entertainment.

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