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Compare Ready to Cook and Eat Meals with Facioo

Time is running up! Your time is the most valuable asset you have. However, work, sleep and leisure take up most of it. Plus, many of us stay away from home. Because of all this, it’s difficult to find time to cook something delicious for ourselves. Question is: How to make your inner foodie understand this? Well, you don’t have to. With our collection of awesome and delicious ready to cook and eat meals, your inner foodie won’t have to compromise on taste and neither you on time.

Best Ready to Cook and Eat Meals Online in India

Facioo has a variety of ready-to-cook and eat meals for all your hunger needs. Choose the best products from top brands like MTR, GITS, Bikano, MOM, Suhana, Bigmeal, Cira, Haldiram’s, LazyChef, TIFFIN-TO-GO, etc.

Life has become so fast that it is easy to forget about taste. Tasty food gets pushed to weekends and is limited to restaurants, which in our opinion, isn’t always the quickest or the most economical option. What if you could make all your favourite dishes in your pyjamas without spending a fortune? This is where Facioo comes in.

We think that no one should compromise on taste. But where will you find ‘ghar jaisi pav bhaji’? Or where will you get chilli cheese fries at 2 in the morning? Facioo’s awesomely delicious collection of ready-to-cook and eat meals takes care of that. Choose from dozens of delish products like pav bhaji, rajma chawal, butter paneer, poha and many more. Facioo has something for every food lover. With Facioo, find your favourite food items, compare and buy them for the best price. Let the hunger games begin!

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