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Compare Staples with Facioo

Everybody loves good food. Burgers, pizzas, fries, are great few times a month, but they neither have the comfort nor the nutrition value of a home-cooked meal. When it comes to competing with mom’s handmade food, they stand no chance. However, ghar jaisa khaana takes time, effort and high-quality staples. Facioo has a variety of staple foods that are not only necessary for homemade meals but are also great for health.

Best Staples Online in India

Facioo has a collection of top quality staple foods including sugar, flours, dals, pulses, rice, grains, millets, sweeteners, soy products, sooji etc. from brands like Daawat, Aashirvaad, Pillsbury, Madhur, Comfort Foods, Divine Agro Food, Nature Fresh, Patanjali, and more.

The old rule of 80% diet and 20% exercise has been never more relevant than it is today. Not only most people have a largely inactive lifestyle, but there is also an unhealthy proportion of junk food in their diet. These ‘high-calorie, low-nutrient’ food items can be delicious but are detrimental to your health in the long run. There is a reason why we all miss home-cooked it so much – you could eat it daily without any health concerns and without feeling guilty. Sure rotis don’t have the same appeal as a pizza, but the fibre in them is what is going to keep you healthy in the future.

It’s absolutely critical to maintain a balanced and nutrient-rich diet. This is where Facioo’s staples collection come to the rescue. Find only the best quality products from renowned brands and check for their in-depth composition and nutrition-facts. Find all the secret ingredients to make ghar jaisa khaana with Facioo.

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