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You use your phone the whole day. It entertains you, teaches you, helps you find new friends and even makes you laugh. It deserves some cool accessories, don’t you think? It can be that new pair of headphones or a bigger memory card or simply a longer USB cable because the charging port is too far from the bed. Facioos features all of them and more, so you are able to pick the best mobile accessories.

Best Mobile Accessories Online in India

Facioo features a variety of mobile accessories including earphones, headphones, power banks, chargers, OTG pen drives, screen guards, mobile covers, USB cables, memory cards, selfie sticks and more – the choices are immense.

Buying the right mobile accessories is essential. You don’t want headphones that hurt your ears or a charger that heat up your phone; not buying the right accessories can have consequences, both on your phone’s health and yours.

There are different types of accessories that appeal to different users.
For users that have more battery needs, power banks are a good option, so are chargers with quick charge.

For music lovers, having a good pair of headphones is important. You wouldn’t want to listen to that new electro song with headphones that don’t have bass, would you?

For people with more data or storage requirements, OTG pen drives can be a godsend.

For gamers, a bigger memory card is essential or else, all the games, their data and cache will eat up the phone memory.

For selfie lovers and travellers, the right selfie stick can come in handy.
There are accessories for everyone.

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